Classic & Spa-Style Pedicure Services

Regular pedicures from the specialists at our day spa not only help you keep your feet looking pretty, but they also help you keep your nails trimmed, your calluses controlled, and your skin moisturized. The Style Merchant of Hawthorne Street’s relaxing pedicure techniques also helps you to relieve tension from your body and mind while stimulating circulation so that you can keep your feet happy and healthy for a long time to come.

Pampering your feet is a great way to improve your overall health while also giving you a little beauty boost as well. This great spa service isn’t just a simple indulgence; a monthly pedicure can actually provide you with an assortment of different health benefits, such as preventing infections, stopping calluses from forming, encouraging a healthier lifestyle, and improving the health of your joints. The only way to get all of these benefits, however, is to have your pedicure performed by a licensed professional.

The Merchant Pedicure
The ultimate in relaxation & hydration, this pedicure is pure luxury! Enjoy all the benefits of the Spa Pedicure and more with a deeply hydrating Chocolate Truffle foot masque and a relaxing foot & lower leg massage with the decadent Naseberry Body Lotion.
Spa Pedicure
Enjoy a softening aromatic Eucalyptus foot soak, nail care, cuticle minimizing and buffing. Hot steamy towels with a softening Cranberry Pomegranate Sugar Scrub and relaxing foot & lower leg massage with the Shea Butter & Mint Moisture Balm.
Sport Pedicure
Essential foot care for the guys includes a warm soak, nail and callus grooming, followed by a relaxing foot massage and hydrating paraffin treatment.
Classic Pedicure
Basic care for the feet with foot logics provides effective, transformational care for a variety of skin conditions affecting the feet. Includes nail & cuticle grooming, softening of calluses, foot massage & choice of nail color.
45 Minutes
Moroccanoil Pedicure
This pedicure is the ultimate in hydration. It revitalizes your skin and stimulates your senses as your skin is gently exfoliated and prepared for our Moroccanoil via a luxurious orange peel scrub. The rich, hydrating effects of our Moroccanoil’s Honey Lavender-Scented Hydrating Treatment comes next to help you revitalize your skin. Finally, the citrus-scented, enriched cream leaves your feet soft and rejuvenated.
60 Minutes
Spa Medi-Pedi
This pedicure provides you with effective, transformational care for a variety of different skin conditions that could possibly be affecting your feet – from simple dryness to more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes. This pedicure is for all that ails the skin or nails and the results truly speak for themselves. You can expect nail and cuticle grooming as well as the softening of calluses, a stimulating massage, and polish application with this service.
60 Minutes
*Add an additional 15 minutes of massage  $10
*Add a paraffin dip $10
* Add shellac polish $10

Contact us to learn more about the unique and relaxing experience The Style Merchant has to offer! We’ll see you soon at our Salon & Spa in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.