Beauty-Enhancing Waxing Solutions

Remove that unwanted hair from your body with the help of the skilled waxing team at our day spa  in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The Style Merchant of Hawthorne Street understands that sometimes we have a little more body hair in certain spots than we would otherwise like. That is why our professional and friendly body waxing specialists are trained to assist you with removing any type of hair from your body.

Worried about hair on your face, under your arms, or maybe around your bikini line? The specialists at our salon are ready to help you remove it quickly with some of the finest waxing techniques currently available. Why risk the nicks and cuts that come with constantly having to shave when you can keep that hair off for much longer by visiting our waxing specialists instead?

Body Waxing for Any Unwanted Hair

Waxing is one of the most effective methods available for people looking to get rid of bothersome body hair. While there are many different types of hair removal solutions out there for you to choose from, it is waxing that offers you the biggest advantage when it comes to slowing down the growth rate of your hair. It is even possible, through regular waxing, to weaken your follicles enough to permanent keep your unwanted hair from growing back.

When you choose body waxing, including our Brazilian wax services, for your hair removal needs, you are actually making a very smart beauty and health choice for your body. That is because waxing not only removes the hair at the root, but it also exfoliates your skin at the same time. This leaves your body feeling ultra-smooth and silky instead of stubbly or rough. Safe for practically all areas of your body, waxing comes with pretty much no side effects, which chemicals and razors just can’t claim. Say goodbye to your unwanted body hair by visiting our body waxing specialist today.

Available Waxing Services

 Eyebrow Shaping $14
Upper Lip  $10
Chin   $10
Brow/Lip/Chin Pkg  $30
Underarms  $22 
Bikini Line  $25
 Full Bikini $30
Brazilian Bikini  $47 
½ Leg    $27
Full Leg  $45 

Contact us to learn more about the unique and relaxing experience The Style Merchant has to offer! We’ll see you soon at our Salon & Spa in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.