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"Fashion is Fleeting but Style is Forever."


This is what we love about fashion trends, it's always changing! Always evolving with the times... In this case, we are in one of the craziest times of our lives. This pandemic has been no joke, but that doesn't mean we still can't evolve our style too!

Masks are the HOTTEST accessories... Literally.

To say we've had to make an adjustment, would be an understatement... 2020 definitely hasn't got us living our best lives! Wearing masks 24/7 is not easy but matching them to your outfits is becoming the hottest trend this year. Thank you pandemic?

Covid has definitely put a stop to regular runway shows this year, however, the amount of live-streams fashion shows that are being shared around the world is more than ever. This is something to be excited about. The designers and models launch their collections live so we can all be apart of the experience!


Check out the latest #chanel runway show this season!


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