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Feel Beautiful Inside & Out

Entrepreneur Krista Smith, owner of The Style Merchant, is a certified hair loss specialist. She has 25 years of experience in the hair & beauty industry and is also a volunteer at the Look Good Feel Better Program in Yarmouth. 

Krista is passionate about making her guests feel beautiful both inside and out taking special time to try and meet your needs while keeping in mind your personality and lifestyle. She will assist you in choosing the hair color, length, volume and texture you desire as well as explain the hair care maintenance required.


Wigs offer an ideal solution for those suffering from severe hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments or medically related hair loss such as Alopecia Areata or Alopecia Totalis. Wigs are also great to use simply as a fashion statement or method of convenience should you not always have time to style your hair. Wigs can be made of either human or synthetic hair. They can be machine made or hand-tied and can vary in price and quality.


A hair replacement system adds any amount of fullness, length and body to your existing hair. It is an extension of your own hair and will feel and move naturally. It is 100% human hair and can be worn daily or permanently attached. If you want to take the piece on and off you can choose a clip or tape method. If you want the hair to be permanently attached so you need not to remove it during a shower, bedtime, etc. you can choose a bonded method. This method does require maintenance every 4-6 weeks but is great if you have a busy, active lifestyle. 

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  • Private Room

  • Confidential Consultations

  • Latest Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

  • Bonding & Maintenance Service

  • Custom Stock & Special Orders

  • Hair Piece Cutting & Coloring

  • Human Hair & Synthetic Wigs

  • In-Stock Selection

  • Wig Alterations & Repairs​

  • Scarves, Hats & Accessories

  • Hair Removal Due to Chemotherapy

  • Professional Products 

  • Personalized Programs

  • Coaching & Education

  • Receipts for Insurance

  • No Contracts​

When to

Choose Human Hair:

  • You will keep your wig more than a few months and plan on primarily wearing that wig style every day

  • You enjoy doing your hair and want variety with your style

  • You want your wig to look the most natural

  • You don’t mind spending time maintaining your wig

When Not to

Choose Human Hair:

  • You don't want to spend lots of money on a wig

  • You want something that is easy to care for that does not require heat styling

  • You suffer from a medical condition or disability and are unable to style a wig regularly

  • You want to be ready in a moments notice

  • You want to change your look without making it permanent

Hair Loss

In North America, 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from hair loss. Hair loss occurs when the daily hair loss exceeds 100 hairs. It can be caused by various reason including health issues or genetics. Genetic hair loss can come from either side of one’s family.

Hair loss can have a negative effect on a person’s self-esteem. Women and Men dealing with hair loss often suffer in silence and experience emotions such as humiliation, sense of loss, and low self-esteem.


Hair loss can be caused by:

  • Genetics & Hereditary Traits

  • Chemotherapy & Radiation

  • Stress & Traumatic Experience

  • Autoimmune Disease Alopecia

  • Thyroid Disease

  • Pregnancy, Menopause & Hormonal Imbalances

  • Diet & Medical Conditions

  • Male Pattern Baldness

  • Certain Medications


Whatever the case may be, we can offer you options that duplicate your original hairstyle and look. We offer both human hair and synthetic options that will renew your confidence and style. It is recommended that you come in for a consultation prior to beginning any treatments so that we can see how you wear your hair and give you the best match. If that is not possible you can bring a recent photo of yourself.

Did you know hair loss is a medical condition recognized and covered by most private insurance plans and can also classify as a medical expense with a prescription from your doctor.



Nicole & Maggy | Digby, NS

"If you have not been to The Style Merchant in Yarmouth NS, you are simply missing out! This place is like a hidden gem, nestled away on Hawthorne Street in beautiful Yarmouth NS. Walking into this place will take your breath away with its amazing architect, mind-blowing design and so many options to feel beautiful. From Beauty products galore to stylish clothing, incredible footwear, endless selections of accessories, handbags... you name it, it's there...every trip is a new journey to find that one cool item! In addition to all of these luxuries, the one service that has left me loving the Style Merchant forever was the day I had brought my beautiful Mom. My Mom has beaten cancer twice! Through these battles, her head of hair did not recover! It was heartbreaking to watch her fight for her life and to see the toll it took on her confidence. Looking in the mirror after all of that and see a bald head looking back is hard...really hard to see what that does to your self-image. 

Krista Smith changed my mother's life, forever!

We booked an appointment with this sweet, dear, kind, wise lady to help us! I explained to Krista what our story was, and she reassured us that she felt very confident she could help us, did she ever! 

My Mom walked into the Style Merchant afraid, uneasy, feeling almost ashamed of her baldness. Krista so sweetly took my Mom to a private safe setting where she listened to her story. She was so empathetic and so sincere I could see my Mom start to relax. Krista guided her through this whole experience with so much love and reassurance. She customized a hairpiece that suited my Mom, perfectly! I can still see my mother wipe her tears and look in the mirror with disbelief, seeing a reflection that she loved again. To see her laugh, to see her smile to see her walk outside a different woman than she went in! Krista, you are an angel! You are a very gifted, very talented beautiful person! 

If anyone can relate to our story, trust me when I say... you will not be regret booking an appointment with Krista Smith! She has so many options to help you and so much knowledge, she really can help transform the way you live your life with her beautiful service! She doesn't just give you hair, she gives you back a piece of yourself. May all this kindness you give to others come back to you ten fold! Thank you a million! You are a difference maker Krista Smith!! 

Love two incredibly HAPPY customers! This place is 5 stars *****" 

angeleyes60 | Yarmouth, NS

"This place is amazing! So tastefully decorated! The staff here go above and beyond to serve you well. If you are in the market for a wig or hairpiece please do yourself a favour and book a consult with Krista Smith, so knowledgeable and her expertise in this area is exceptional. She has a lot of in-stock supplies, you can actually go out the door a new person like I did. Krista is so kind and understanding, my appointment was so relaxing and I was assured knowing it was held in a private room and confidential. Krista thank you so much for helping me to gain so much self-confidence, you truly have given me my life back!"

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